Our Privacy Policy

Easy Writing Service strives to help our users understand what information is collected by our site and how it is used. We offer an interactive personalized experience and herein disclose all situations in which your personal information (name, address, phone number, email address) may be shared.  It is advised that all users check this policy regularly as we reserve the right to make changes as needed.  Your privacy is important to us.  If and when changes to this policy are made, you will be notified via email.

Key Points Covered in this Privacy Policy

  • You will be clearly informed about the types of information collected, such as “personally identifiable information,” “non-personally identifiable information,”  and the difference is between the two.
  • We clearly state how your information is collected, and the ways in which we use the information you provide to facilitate the most useful and satisfactory experience for our customers.
  • We will cover what measures we take to secure the information you share with our site, as well as the scope of our responsibility to you concerning any possible security breach.
  • This policy explains how to access and manage your account information and preferences as well as how to update and/or correct the information you provide if necessary.
  • Within this policy, you are advised of your options for user preferences such as “opting out” if you so choose, and how to contact us with any privacy questions or concerns.
  • It is important to preface that Easy Writing Service is not intended for use by persons under the age of 13.  Please see the section toward the end of this policy for more detail.

What Type Of Information We Gather

In general, there are two types of information collected as provided by our users when they elect to register with our site.

Personally Identifiable Information –  This is information you provide that personally identifies you.  This includes information like your:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Credit Card Number
  • Age/Gender
  • Interests & Preferences

When you become a registered user on our site, as with any other site, you provide us with you basic identifying information such as most of those listed above.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information –   This is information is detected and collected automatically when you access and utilize our website and services.  This information includes your:

  • IP Address
  • Operating System
  • Browser Information
  • Third Party Website Info (if you arrived at our site via another website)
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Site Usage Statistics (how you use our site and services, length of visit, pages visited, etc.)

How We Collect User Information

How Easy Writing Service collects user information depends on how visitors interact with our website.  Some user information is provided by you, the customer, and other information is gathered automatically and electronically.  When you register for our website and services, you are asked to provide your personal information in order to access various site features or to make purchases.  Information is provided by users automatically when participating in any interactive feature within the website.  All information is transmitted, stored, and handled in the USA.

How Information Is Used And Shared

It is our mission to provide each customer  with a unique user experience and the information we collect helps us do that.  The information is used primarily to offer users the most relevant services.  We may gather anonymous information about you in order to bring you the most personalized offers for products and services based on your interaction with our site.

We reserve the right to share your information with our authorized third party advertising partners and service providers.  We may allow our advertising partners to gather anonymous information in order to bring you the most relevant offers through the use of cookie technology or logging the name of your ISP.

This technology is used to recognize you and save data from your visit.  Aside from advertising functions, a cookie may save your username and/or password, therefore saving you the annoyance of re-entering it with each site visit.  It may also help prevent you from repeatedly seeing ads you are not interested in based on the usage data it collects in regard to your interests and use of the site.

You may choose to disable third party cookies in your browser, however it may prevent you from accessing parts of our website, and will reduce the sites ability to automatically customize site features based on your user preferences.

It is possible that we may gather information through additional means as we encounter new technology.  We will make every effort to notify you of any changes, but we advise you to revisit this policy often to be sure you are up to date on any changes that may occur.

The following is a list of parties with whom your information may be shared:

  • Our parent company and its subsidiaries including any affiliates for the purposes of marketing, promotional, and overall operations.
  • Any participating sponsors of a product, service or promotion you may enter via our website or related services.
  • Any of our third-party service partners providing assistance to the proper function of our website and services.  This includes providers responsible for managing and processing data, purchases via credit/debit cards, product or service delivery and overall site operations.
  • Any marketing or advertising partners and companies with which we maintain promotional relationships.
  • Any users with whom you choose to publicly share information with via posts, comments, surveys, reviews etc. via message boards, forums, chat rooms or the like.
  • Any participating merchants involved with any interactive site feature in which you voluntarily submit personally identifiable information.

Easy Writing Service prides itself on the responsible use of your personal information.  Its primary function is to understand your needs and personalize your experience as well as bring you offers tailored to your specific needs and interests. Your non-personally identifiable information may be used in whole or in part combined with information gathered from our partners and affiliates to create reliable reports and data regarding online shopping.

How We Keep Your Information Secure

It is vital to the integrity of our site to do all we can to secure your personal data.  In this effort, we use updated SSL software (Secure Sockets Layer software) for encryption of the information you put into our site.  In addition, our secure server is hosted in the United States using updated encryption technology, enhanced firewall protection, and controlled access, all for the sole purpose securing your information.

Though our effort is concerted, it is impossible to guarantee that the information you provide to us will be 100% secure.  We cannot be held responsible for the security of any information you provide in the event that there is an unforeseen breach, theft, disclosure to an unauthorized party, destruction, or any other event that compromises your personal data.  If an information security compromise should occur, you will be notified via email as quickly as possible depending on the circumstances surrounding the breach of security.

These occurrences are unlikely, and we participate in all reasonable measures to prevent such an event.   However, if your personal information is compromised, we will do all we can to restore the integrity of our website and the systems contributing to its security.

Account Management And Opt-Out Choices

Upon registering with Easy Writing Service you will be able to access and manage the account information you provide, add or remove information, and update or correct information as necessary.  You may also cancel and delete your account if you wish.

If you do choose to delete your account, please be aware that some of your information may remain in our system.  In some cases, this information is useful in the resolution of disputes, troubleshooting, and even helpful in the enforcement of our Terms of Use.

You have options in respect to how your information is used.  You can choose to stop receiving emails from us by clicking here, and if you would like to opt-out of receiving ads based on your site activity, click here.  If you would like to opt-out of sharing your personal information with our partners, click here.

If you have any concerns, or if you have questions regarding our privacy policy, please click here to contact us.

Site Restrictions Regarding Children

We do not knowingly collect, use, or share any personal information from or about any individual under the age of 13.  Any information obtained from or about any person under the age of 13 will be deleted as it would be in violation of our policy.  If you believe Easy Writing Service has received such information from or about an individual or individuals under the age of 13, please click here to contact us.  If you are between the ages of 13 and 17 you may only use Easy Writing Service and and any information on our site with parental consent.

Site Changes

Easy Writing Service reserves the right to change this privacy policy.  It is possible that our privacy policy may be revised occasionally in an effort to keep stay current with our business practices as we evolve and continue to improve our business practices.  If and when such policy changes are implemented, you will be able to view them by revisiting our privacy policy at any time.  We will also notify our members of material revisions via the email address you have provided for your account.

Governing Policy Statement Conclusion

Our privacy policy as it exists in addition to our Terms of Use are to be considered the sole source of reference regarding all use of our sites and/or services.  Under no circumstance shall the terms provided here be summarized, restated, or modified.  No other version of our privacy policy or Terms of Use is to be considered valid.  The only revisions to any of these statements to be considered valid are those made by Easy Writing Service and posted to our sites by us exclusively.